The game, no way anybody even knew

Followed by a lazy afternoon in the shade, doing nothing special. Sinking sun and a calm sea just out there. Cocktail hour arrived with everyone trying to be witty or grossly humorous. Not me. I wouldn't know how. All imobiliare bucuresti of this was lulling me into dangerous territory. Marcela asked, What do we call you? You didn't give a name yesterday. I don't make it a rule to require one, but just for social ease, a name we can call you would be nice. Eli. Call me Eli, and I'll answer. Lisa gave Marcela an arched eyebrow, and they both seemed imobiliare bucuresti amused. I nodded at them, as if I shared their amut. google But I didn't. Still, if I looked like Eli, then I was Eli. Simple. After a third martini, I went upstairs to sleep. But I was too restless, and I found that I was extremely thirsty. Nerves do that. Deciding I needed a bottle of cool water, I tiptoed down to the kitchen and found one in the pantry. As I started back up the stairs, I heard Marcela out on the large, screened-in balcony that overlooked the dock and imobiliare bucuresti the wide-open sea. She was using a tone of voice out of character bucuresti from the soft, island-lilted one she'd used earlier. She said, Don't worry, Lisa. Eli's going to dive for us. Christina thinks she's found out something that'll convince him why he should; something that'll make it impossible for him to refuse. What? She didn't say anything like that to me, Lisa said. You know how she is. A lot of vague, thrown-off words that she would never explain, just that it would make him our, quote, 'willing slave.' God, the way that woman talks! For money. Sure, offer him a bunch of money. imobiliare bucuresti That must be what she meant, Lisa said. If that's what she meant, then she's wrong. No, I can tell. Money's not the first motivator for this man. Marcela, you've known him for what, a couple of hours? You can't decide what motivates him. And you can? Lisa's tone came out flat, sarcastic. I can get closer to it than you can. You know he killed two women on a dive over in the Bahamas last year. My God! He let them drown without even trying to save them. Story is he went coward. That's the same thing as murdering them, that's for sure. You're wrong! Those women, they died because they didn't follow instructions. Witnesses said he told them over and over not to enter those underwater caves. They didn't listen. This man, he didn't trap them. You know that, so why are you doing this...this embroidering of the facts? Why? And why're you defending this head loser? Lisa was talking louder now. I'm not defending him. I don't even know this man. He's probably just another y diver, like most of them are. God, do I ever know what rejects they can be. You make it sound like he's innocent. Why? God, Marcela, you can't be thinking of him in that way! Ugh! That's like the princess going to the prom with the hunchback. Are you losing it? Oh, just hush. You're being silly. We both know he's what we need now. True? Blue divers, they don't grow on coral; and they for sure don't bob up out of the surf. They're as rare as Gulper eel. But a killer? That's wrong. His eyes said the same thing: no. Whatever. But you better get used to the fact we're not paying him a full share of the take. Not him, not anyone